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"This film takes me back to when men were men and bikes were bad. Two Bultaco thumbs up for BackTrack!"

Paul "The Baz" Boudreau

Motocross riders"Oh, does this film ever take me back to the good old days when men were men and bikes were bad. Could we ever have been that young? Or the bikes that old? I enjoyed every minute of it. Two Bultaco thumbs up for Backtrack!"

Paul "The Baz" Boudreau

"For those who raced in the '70s "Backtrack"is like a trip down memory lane. It reveals the grassroots joy of those who founded our sport. For those who missed the '70s, it is a chance to see what the sport of motocross was like before the all the hype, corporate excess and overblown egos took over."

Motocross Action Magazine

Rider"This professional-quality, 55 minute program by Taylor Productions is part history lesson and part reminder of why we love vintage racing. It's one you should have in your video collection."

Vintage Views Magazine



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