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"BackTrack is like a trip down memory lane. It reveals the grass roots joy of those who founded our sport."

Motocross Action Magazine

MotocrossThe vintage/evolution motocross movement is bringing hard-core mx fans back to the races...and smart promoters like Rick Humphreys know what we really want to see: give us our heroes, put them back on the old bikes and let them roost again!

BackTrack is a moto-documentary, complete with interviews (including one of the last recorded interviews with the late Jim Pomeroy) and rare footage from professional motocross in the 1970's. We have uncovered filmed action from the greatest racetracks of our sport, including:

In addition to the archival footage, you will be able to watch history come alive, as Marty Smith, Billy Grossi, Kent Howerton, Gary Jones, Warren Reid, Jim Pomeroy and others saddle up on the machines that made them famous. Line them up...and the competitive juices flow again!


The two-minute board is up;
get ready for "BackTrack"!


"BackTrack" was written and produced by Kent Taylor,
a former freelance producer for the Speed Channel program "Two Wheel Tuesday." His written work has appeared in Motocross Action magazine,
Cycle News, VMX and Old Bike Journal.


© 2011 Taylor Productions
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